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Understanding Islamic Martyrdom and Jihad

This page provides an understanding of how Islamic terrorist leaders and suicide bomber handlers sell the idea of killing others without fear of death or guilt.

It is fear of death and guilt that prevents a young soldier from surviving close quarters combat, or killing the enemy in close proximity. If he or she hesitates even for a second, he or she will die, if his/her enemy does not hesitate. It makes a HUGE difference if someone has a deep religious conviction and is absolutely sure that the killing of another person is God's command and he/she will go to Heaven when he/she dies. The objective is to kill another person who is a different religion (especially a Jew and/or an Israeli) or atheist, or a Muslim supposedly, but it is believed this Muslim is not practicing Islam as he/she should. A person who dies in the cause of God through suicide bombing is a martyr, and gets a lot of respect, public adoration, to the extent that even children are brought up with the mentality in Palestine that they want to be a martyr, die for God while killing some enemies and go to Heaven. Parents in such areas believe the same and they are proud of their children having that belief. This is just horrible in my opinion.

The word "jihad" in Arabic means "struggle". It mostly refers to inner personal struggle, like family problems, struggling with challenges in life or at work, struggling to achieve something, struggling to make sure that your children are brought up right, which we know is a challenge for all of us. In my experience Muslim children that I met are very well behaved. In Islam this is referred to as "major jihad" and armed struggle is referred to as the "minor jihad". In the 7th and 8th Centuries, life was extremely difficult and major jihad as a name for it makes sense. Unfortunately extremists interpret jihad as a license to kill non-Muslims or Muslims who, in their opinion, do not follow the rules of God (Allah in Arabic).

RELIGIOUS MOTIVATION: Fear of death is completely removed if the person believes that if he or she dies, he/she will immediately go to Heaven, Heaven being a much better place than anything that huge wealth can give you on this earth. No more poverty. No more suffering to provide for his family or to manage to survive with the difficulties life presents in his home country.

DIFFICULT ENVIRONMENT'S MOTIVATION: If one has the religious motivation, it is sufficient on its own. However, being dissatisfied with something very important in one's life, AND blaming some authority that one cannot control but WANTS to control, can be a high enough motivator on its own. Hence the importance of fair laws, fair administration of those laws, an acceptable living standard, and the ability of the population to participate in government decisions periodically (voting).

Unfortunately, the easy, direct interpretation of some Qur'anic verses, which are extremely difficult to interpret in proper context, satisfy the religious or spiritual motivation perfectly. The paragraph above about the "difficult environment's motivation" covers countries with dictatorships and poverty. Unfortunately there are too many of those. Here are the examples of a number of Qur'anic verses that Islamic terrorists use unfortunately, to sell their cause and recruit Muslims. These are brief recaps. You can see the actual verses on the Islam 2 page, and can verify them in 3-4 versions of the Qur'an itself if you wish, with reference link to the Qur'an provided in the menu. Do not take my paraphrased word below for these please. Verify.

Qur'an 009.111 Verify actual Qur'an quotation here.
When you are a Muslim, you and your possessions belong to God, in exchange for God taking Muslims to Paradise when they die, in order to have all Muslims fight in the interest of God; to kill and be killed. This promise is binding on Allah (God) through His law, the Gospel and the Torah. Who would be more faithful about his promise than God? Be very happy about this bargain, because this is a supreme achievement for you.

Qur'an 009.039 Verify actual Qur'an quotation here.
If you don't do what I, God command you to do (in the Qur'an), you will be painfully punished and replaced, and that shall not harm God at all, because God has power over everything.

Qur'an 009.029 Verify actual Qur'an quotation here.
Fight a. those who do not believe in Islam, and b. Muslims (who have been given the Qur'an) who do what is forbidden in Islam, until they are subjugated and pay a tax (Jizya) for their sins.

Qur'an 047:004 Verify actual Qur'an quotation here.
When you meet those in fight or battle who do not believe in Islam, cut at their necks until you defeated them, then make them prisoners (if they are alive). That is when the time is to be generous and set them free, or get a ransom for them, until the war is finished. IF it had been God's will, He could have punished them without you and He could have exacted retribution from them, but he lets you fight in order to test you. As for those Muslims who are slain in the way of God, He will not forget their deeds.

SUICIDE BOMBERS: I would like you to look at this and this news clip first. Is it true? The first one is an Israeli news clip. I know that they have been getting many suicide bombers, men, children and women. This story must be a wake-up call to all of us, especially Muslims. Why? Because what they are doing is against Islam we are told. But a mother of eight children. And the mother of 4 children. This is awful. And incredibly sad. Life must be so hopeless for poor women like these two in the news clip.

Suicide bombers appear to be poor, not very educated Muslims who probably have a terribly difficult life. How can they be convinced to kill a bunch of innocent civilians? Well, the Muslim terrorist trainer may spend time educating such poor "candidates", about what Allah (God) says in the yellow-cube marked verses on the Islam 2 page and the few above. And these poor people will do this for Allah (God) in order to go to Heaven. A much better place finally, because life here was terrible. When within minutes of their destination, the suicide bomber is met by another terrorist handler who puts on the suicide bomber the explosive vest and explains the trigger and how to use it. At the same time the suicide bombers are given a pill to take, wait a few minutes until it takes effect, and then the bombers are sent to the appointed place to blow themselves up. Evidently some have changed their minds at the last moment, hence the precautions. They really believe that they will go to Heaven and leave this miserable life. Although not important to them, in addition, their family gets paid. Saddam Hussein paid them $25,000. Some Saudi sources the same. The average annual income is $6,000 for the poor Palestinian family. So not only this poor person goes to "Heaven", but his/her family gets some BIG money. How Islam cannot take steps OVER DECADES to stop such horrible deeds on so many levels in the name of Islam and Allah, is incredibly surprising to me. People who train and convince such poor people deserve the worst punishment by Allah (God) and mankind. I feel very sorry for the suicide bomber and his/her family.

So what do we do?

The great majority of Muslims are very good people and they do not follow such direct interpretation of the Qur'an. This level of violence was used during the 7th and 8th Centuries in early Islam when they were dealing with similarly merciless enemies. There was a lot of violence in Europe as well during that time, despite the fact that one of the ten commandments in Christianity said and says "Thou shall not kill".

We MUST work together with moderate Muslims to defend ourselves mutually (the terrorists are killing Muslims too), to defeat this terrorist scourge on humanity. They are part of us. We, the USA are a great country. A country of immigrants from practically all countries and all religions of this earth. That includes Muslims from every country worldwide. We work together well, and we are a prized destination for many. We are not perfect, no one is. But we are proud of the fact that we are, overall, a great example for the world. We must be a great example to all with every action we take.

Most importantly be observant and if you see or hear something that MAY point to terrorist presence, call the police and the FBI. Someone being a Muslim is not good enough. They are much more afraid than we are, because terrorists are against them also, and some of us are not very nice to them. We need their help. Click here to read a detailed Newsweek article about American Muslims. The best thing to do is to be well informed. And then decide.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing!"
Edmund Burke 1729-1797
Irish philosopher and statesman

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